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Hello, everyone and welcome to Wycked Pretty Things' tumblr! We are a small, handmade business located in Orlando, Florida. Feel Free to stop by and give our shop some love!
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On here we focus on our products, other handmade jewelry, as well as various other things such as artwork, corsets etc. If you have any questions about the Wycked Pretty Things you see on here, you can feel free to send us a message!
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Blue and Green Tree of Life “Cycle of Nature” Bronze Bracelet, $20.00

Our Blue and Green Tree of Life “Cycle of Nature” Bracelet is hand-welded in solid bronze, and hand-painted in an aqua, green and dark blue ombre with a protective lacquering to preserve its color and shine.

The tree of life is an ancient symbol of vast importance to an array of different cultures and stands for life, renewal and energy.

You can find it and more information here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/177724651/blue-and-green-tree-of-life-cycle-of

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